• Address: 311 Old Birdcage Walk #02-08 Singapore 798484

Our Properties

Pentagon Group currently owns and operates these establishments.

Youngs Bar and Restaurant

A 140-seater bar and restaurant, offering food and beverages made from carefully curated ingredients from around the world. Situated in Seletar Aerospace Park, the inspiration behind YOUNGS is the creatively concocted dishes by chefs in Europe who thoroughly utilise the abundant seafood produce enjoyed by coastal populations.

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Cosmo, short for cosmopolite, represents revitalisation for all guests – both local and international. The approximately 180-seater vicinity offers distinctive and memorable dining spaces where guests get to indulge and explore unique cuisines and drinks that intrigue their taste-buds, and leave them wanting to explore more on their return visits.

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Grande Cibo

Grande Cibo brings about the best preparation of Italian’s favourite food. We retain the authenticity of traditional Italian food preparation methods and use the freshest quality ingredients to bring out the original Italian flavours, our pizzas are only made on demand to indulge your taste buds.

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Executive Diner

Executive Diner specialises in providing dining services that masters the art of culinary expertise and personalised service for all the special occasions.

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Cluny Food Hall is an umbrella of restaurants housing Wok Singapura, Di Wei Teo Chew restaurant and Canopy Toasts. Specialising in providing the finest of local delights and traditional teochew cuisine, Cluny Food Hall offers a wide array of food and beverage options that will definitely satisfy your cravings on your visit to the Botanic Gardens.

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